**Note: Game is best played on the desktop, web version may randomly stutter for some people.**

Welcome to Toilet Farm
It's time to get started on your very own Toilet Farm! Breed a variety of toilets varying in colors, piss, poop, flushpower, water purity and more. Sell them on the market to progress! There are 30 goals available in this game that was developed for Weekly Game Jam Week 85 "Offspring".

Tips for the pro toilet breeders
When breeding, toilets have a chance to get a unique color (mutation) that neither of the parents has. The same goes for piss, poop, goat status (???) and purity/flushpower. However, if one or both of the parents have a piss, poop or goat trait, the chance of the trait increases.

For example, having piss parents increases the chance of a toilet containing piss, but it's also possible to get a piss toilet from breeding even if the parents don't contain piss. It just increases the chances if the parents do have the trait.

Chances (with no, one or both parents sharing the trait)
Piss toilet - 1 in 20, 1 in 15 or 1 in 10
Poop toilet - 1 in 50, 1 in 40 or 1 in 30
Goat toilet - 1 in 100, 1 in 75 or 1 in 50
Colors - 50/50 choice between parents
Random color mutation - 1 in 10 separately for primary and secondary

Just don't worry, relax and have fun!

Thanks to Jerkakame for the Goat Toilet idea, Lemur and shadowknightx476 for toilet goal ideas!

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
GenrePuzzle, Simulation
Made withUnity
TagsFarming, Relaxing, toilet


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